Benefits of Medical Transport Serives

In this day and age where people are living longer lives we are facing more and more older individuals either living alone or within a community it is necessary to have medical transport services. Not only elderly but those who are disabled or have health issues that need immediate attention when necessary.

Imagine living alone and not feeling good. No family or friends nearby and your health is in jeopardy. Aren’t we lucky to be able to pick up the phone and call 9-1-1 and reach a dispatcher to send off an ambulance to get you to the hospital. Peace of mind is what happens when there are people coming to your aid. A professional person will make sure you get the attention you need.

Perhaps you are a stay-at-home mother who can’t drive and your child has a seizure. Your spouse is out of town and the closest family is 75 miles away. Again, thank goodness for an ambulance that can come to your house and take care of the situation providing comfort to you and a ride to the emergency for your loved one.

Maybe you are a senior who no longer drives and needs to get to health appointments. Thank goodness for medical transport. You can keep your doctor appointments, maintain your health, and not worry about how to get to and from appointments and still feel like you are still independent.

You just gave birth to multiples and they are early so the doctor informs you that they will need to be transferred to a different hospital so that they can get the care necessary. Your prayers are answered in the medical team that flies to the other hospital with your children and the pilot who operates the helicopter.

A friend was injured in a devastating accident and is in need of surgery. In another town, another family grieves a loss of a loved one. That loved one agreed to be a donor and on a helicopter at that moment in a cooler is the heart that is a perfect match for your friend waiting surgery. Where would patients be if it was not for long distance ambulance transport teams and vehicles for such donors and their recipient.

Out for a car ride on a beautiful weekend and your passenger starts having a hard time breathing. You can’t locate a hospital but you see a firehouse. You pull in and the firefighter/EMT looks at your friend and states that they need to be delivered to a hospital. Out they go in the smaller fire truck en route to the hospital. Thank goodness for the firehouse.

Whether young or old, healthy or sick, near or far, the benefits of medical transportation are endless. Being healthy is what we strive for and the services of medical transportation brings it to a reality.